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LED bulb repair method introduction

LED lamp strips will inevitably cause defects in production, and maintenance of defective LED strips is a matter of special attention. Because the LED light strip is easy to repair due to improper operation, the LED light strip is scrapped.


What are the characteristics of the intrinsic features of LED

The LED is basically a small chip that is encapsulated in epoxy, so it is very small and very light.


What are the advantages of LED bulbs

Light distribution technology expands the LED point light source into a surface light source, increases the luminous surface, eliminates glare, sublimates the visual effect, and eliminates visual fatigue;


LED bulb development prospects

For a long time, people have not used LEDs for illumination, mainly because LEDs usually only emit red or yellow light. In order to obtain white light, it is necessary to produce a light-emitting diode that emits blue light.


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