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Basic introduction of LED bulb lighting principle

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  Light-emitting diode bulbs are fundamentally different from traditional incandescent lamps, both in terms of structure and illumination. A diode is a common component in electronic circuits and is made up of a semiconductor PN junction, plus electrode leads and a package. The diode has two electrodes for the PN junction, so it is called a diode. The diode has unidirectional conductivity. There are many types of diodes, such as detector tubes, rectifier tubes, voltage regulator tubes, switching tubes, damper diodes, light-emitting tubes, and photo tubes.

  Light-emitting diodes are usually made of semiconductor materials such as gallium arsenide or gallium phosphide. They emit light when they pass a forward current. The color of the light depends on the materials used, and can emit red, yellow, green and infrared light. The light-emitting diodes are generally packaged in a transparent plastic, the length of the pins is positive, and the short legs are negative. Some LEDs have three lead-out pins that emit two colors of light depending on the voltage of the pin.

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